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Due to a growing need and demand for community owned renewable energy projects, Nolatown and Forbes & Company LLC in collaboration with Apollo Energy Systems, Inc. are proposing to build a 25MW shared solar array, commonly called a Community Solar project or Community Solar Farm (CSF) on a 125 acre property and location in Eastern New Orleans. The plant is expected to offset 18,000 metric tons of carbon emissions per year – equivalent to planting 800,000 trees over the life of the facility.

Eastern New Orleans just like many other areas throughout the state of Louisiana is blessed with a great resource of an average of 7 hours a day of maximum sunlight for solar production. Our Solar farm can and will be an excellent method to develop underutilized land or land that is not suitable for modern production farming but has the right resource to grow a new crop – ENERGY!

Our team of visionaries, co-operative developers and solar experts are currently creating the working model for the Eastern New Orleans community owned solar farm and we plan to break-ground on our first of several New Orleans’ projects this year.

We value:

  • Our environment. With a Community Solar Farm, New Orleans East members shrink their carbon footprints and support renewable power.
  • Education. Nolatown is committed to educating other community groups about the best ways to establish their own solar power farms or gardens by sharing our process and lessons we learn along the way. Our solar learning center will also work with local schools and universities to provide hands-on science and technology experiences.
  • Our local economy. Shared solar is about so much more than simply delivering a return on investment. It’s also about giving back to the city we love. By partnering with small businesses, we’ll strengthen our mission and empower our community.

We believe:

  • Everyone should have the chance to benefit from solar power. Community-owned solar is inclusive, allowing renters, students, businesses, nonprofits, and owners of shaded properties to support renewable energy, shrink their carbon footprints, and enjoy a return on their investment. In a true energy democracy, residents participate in local energy production.
  • Partnerships with local schools, universities, businesses, and nonprofits enrich our Community Solar Farm Co-op and our entire community.
  • Sharing our process and lessons helps other communities establish solar gardens of their own. We believe that community-owned energy inspires, educates, and empowers!

Our overall aim is to work with the local community to fully realize the benefits of this clean, safe renewable energy installation.

Contact us today to learn more about the Community Solar Farm Co-Op project. Complete the CONTACT US form below or CALL US at 504.207.1902.

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