March 13, 2008 Editor

Seek Holland Expertise

Lincoln Beach developers seek Holland expertise
By CityBusiness staff report

NEW ORLEANS – An architect involved in the redevelopment of historic Lincoln Beach in eastern New Orleans said he has traveled to the Netherlands to talk to a consultant about the project.

Norberto Nardi, principal of Monrovia, Calif.-based Nardi & Associates, a development partner in the project, said he met with DHV Group in Holland, a specialist in waterfront development.

Heading up the roughly $300-million project is Nolatown Development Group.

On Friday, Dick Kevelam, principal of DHV and manager of its water division, met in New Orleans with Nolatown principals Rickey Spearman, Kemic Smothers, Glenn Broom and Nardi to discuss the viability of the project and tour the site, Nolatown said. Also in attendance was Greg Rigamer, president of New Orleans planning firm GCR & Associates Inc., who is studying the project for Nolatown.

The city has given Nolatown first rights to the Lincoln Beach site, Nolatown said.

Nolatown said it plans to “establish a ‘pedestrian-first’ approach, connecting the retail, music, food and hospitality to downtown New Orleans while making an effort to restore the city to its world-class status.”