A good movie isn’t about the number of explosions, how big the visual effects are, or the intensity of the action scenes – it’s about the script. And a good script has the right balance between solid story structure, engaging characters, and a marketable idea that will appeal to a worldwide audience. After all, we’re not writing screenplays for ourselves – we want them to be produced for the world to see. But what is the proper way to write a screenplay?

This module was designed for those interested in both fiction film and documentary filmmaking. While it’s true that a strong clinical analysis of a script isn’t a definitive way to ensure the success of a story, it is true that understanding the mathematics of story design helps you improve your story telling abilities. Students will learn about Western Dramatic Structure, the hero’s journey, character archetypes, building and releasing tension, writing for small budget productions, balancing action and dialogue and how to creatively and effectively write compelling scenes.

The Lessons
  • Developing the Idea
  • Story Structure
  • The Three Act Structure
  • A-Story and Subplots
  • Story Pacing
  • The Protagonist
  • The Antagonist
  • Conflict Types
  • Supporting Characters
  • Character Archetypes
  • Personality and Backstory
  • Dialogue and Subtext
  • The First Draft
  • Rewriting
  • Marketing the Script
  • Conflict Types

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