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The Media Arts, Music, and Film Technology Business Incubator is one of the primary initiatives of the Institute. The incubator serves as a hub for industry start-ups and would actively identify and provide for the value-added services required to support incubator clients’’ success. It also includes:

  • Business Planning
  • Startup Assistance
  • Expansion Assitance
  • Office/Meeting Room Space
  • Peer-to-peer Networking
  • Mentorship Access
  • High Speed Internet Access

The Incubator is shaped by Nolatown Enterprises, LLC in collaboration with Smothers Academy and QOL Media, Inc. It was through this strategic collaboration, New Orleans Media Arts Institute was formed.

Proposed Facility and Site

The proposed incubator facility would be 10,000 total square feet with a mix of office and lab space. This initiative recommends the incubator be sited within the developing SBDMI (CBA Small Business Incubator Building) facility that is located on the Southern University at New Orleans’ Lake Campus. This would allow the incubator’s facility and staffing to be creatively structured to take maximum advantage of its location.

The facility is the ideal place for business-minded individuals. Perfect for industry professionals in film production, media, entertainment, and much more.

SUNO Business Building
Incubator Lounge
Incubator Media Lab

Incubator Screening Room
Incubator Exective Conference Room
Incubator Floorplan

Post-Production Services

There are post production services – and then there is NOMAI Post-Production Services. Gearing to be the leader in technological innovation, we will offer the most cutting-edge advancements and professional atmosphere in the industry.


With the standard industry’s most powerful tools at your disposal, our full line of post-production services will include:

  • Production Office Space
  • State-Of-The-Art Editing Suite
  • Screening Room
  • Music Recording/Engineering Suite


New Orleans Media Arts Institute is to provide job training and instruction in the fields of Media Arts, Music and Film Technology. In an effort to address the soaring local unemployment rate and provide the burgeoning Louisiana film industry with trained personnel, NOMAI offers formal job training and instruction to its participants.

intro to media studies

In our environment of social responsibility, students will have the opportunity to creatively and collaboratively brainstorm solutions to problems presented by industry participants via virtual communication in real-time. In essence, students will have an industry “insider” look at the problems faced by communication and music executives and creative leaders and consider what they might do, if in that real-world situation. Throughout the course, students will be exposed to career possibilities in filmmaking and music production as well as explore the co-curricular, apprenticeship (extern) and out of class experiences will help prepare them for their chosen profession.

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:
  • Demonstrate an introductory knowledge of the media, communications and music landscape, domestically and globally
  • Be able to describe the basic content, distribution, marketing and sales structure of one medium (e.g. television, film, music, radio, broadband, print and mobile)
  • Prepare and present strategies and tactics in response to an immediate challenge facing the current industry environment
With more than 950 productions according to the Internet Movie Database (IMBD), N’awlins is leading the industry in location filming. Numerous film and TV production companies have made their home here in the Big Easy, and major movies, TV shows, documentaries and commercials are filmed in the area regularly. All this activity make NOMAI an ideal connection point for film students and filmmaking pros. NOMAI will connect participants by hooking them up with a working film or television professional who serves as their instructor-mentor. They’ll gain real-life experience on film and video shoots, making vital industry connections along the way.

Screenwriting Workshop
  • Developing the Idea
  • Story Structure
  • The Three Act Structure
  • A-Story and Subplots
Directing Workshop
  • Beginning a Project
  • The Visual Story
  • How to Shoot a Scene
  • Blocking Actors
Editing Workshop
  • Concepts of Editing
  • Stock Footage
  • Editing and Dialogue Scene
  • Editing Action
Cinematography Workshop
  • Film vs. Video
  • Analog vs. Digital
  • Shot Types
  • Composition
Audio Engineering 1
Behind every recording, concert production, film, and TV show is a team of pros that make it come to life. If you’re drawn to the excitement of entertainment, getting hands-on training tailored to the needs of the industry is your first step to getting there. This is where the NOMAI comes in. We tailor our curriculum specifically for each participants who attends our program.

Our workshops and programs give participants a practical, real-world entertainment business awareness. Participants will get training in the core fundamentals of business like marketing, advertising, and finance. They will also get the specific inside knowledge they’ll need to make it in the complex and unique media industry as our instructors and industry partners cover topics like intellectual property, artist and product management, publishing, and distribution.

Music Career Workshops
  • Building a Presence
  • Revenue Stream
  • Publishing Deals
  • Marketing
Music Skill Workshop
  • Studio Engineer
  • Performance Engineer
  • Songwriting
  • Audio Production
Music Law Workshops
  • Contract
  • Copyright
  • Publishing
  • Entertainment Business
After completing a NOMAI’s Film or Music Production Workshop Modules, students are then assigned to film or music production professionals in the New Orleans region. Students will have the opportunity to gain hands on, real time experience on current productions as apprentices (externs). Here the students are taught the crucial technical skills they’ll need to be successful in the entertainment industries.


Mentors and Instructors


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