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Nolatown Music Publishing was created to provide a range of music related services to all areas of the multimedia industry ranging from film and TV to commercials, games and virals.

With partnerships throughout the continental United States, Nolatown Music Publishing is expanding in the sync world by adding unique artists to the roster. The company’s exclusive catalog includes up-and-coming featured artists, as well as a production catalog for use in TV, Film, Advertising, Radio and Interactive Media. Having its own unique niche, our all-artist, all-composer (some Grammy nominated) team is the most distinctive, highly specialized group of professionals in the industry. From Jazz, to Latin, to Rock, to Hip-Hop, our unparalleled team of experts encompasses all genres of music.

Our catalog of music compositions by the best up and coming composers and songwriters allows industry producers to search our database of compositions to find and purchase the intellectual property rights.

We represent an extremely diverse catalog which, in most cases can be cleared one-stop as we control all the rights worldwide. Moreover to our own catalog we represent many record companies, individual artists and songwriters covering all genres but with an emphasis on exciting, up and coming independent acts.

In this new era of the music industry, our creative business model offers:
  • Single Song Licensing – License any song from our entire catalog for any of your projects.
  • Blanket Licensing (Bulk Licensing) – Select from our vast variety of unique instrumental songs that can be licensed as a package. Contact us for further details.
  • Song Replacement – Replace temporary tracks that cannot be afforded by limited budgets and/or cleared by an artist or label. We have a very quick turnaround.
  • Custom Music – If you cannot find what you need in our catalog we can create it from scratch for your project.
  • Trailers – Custom composition for your trailer. We also offer music editing from our existing song catalog.
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Components of Music Publishing

If you are looking for the opportunity of a lifetime — to have your material distributed worldwide to the broadest possible audience, then look no further. We will aggressively market your music for potential sales and licensing deals worldwide. Unlike traditional labels, we will take an interest in your success and will personally involve you in its distribution, marketing and promotional efforts by inviting you to actively participate.

If you believe in your songs, your music, and yourself and are truly looking for that “big break” to be heard, then in addition to offering you the opportunity to be heard by an audience you’ve never been able to reach, maybe we can help you achieve the success you deserve; so if you think your music is of top caliber and you’re ready for it, send your 3 best songs to and let’s talk!

If you are looking for great music that’s totally innovative and will give your show that fresh, hip feel that will send it over the top, then look no further — Nolatown Music Publishing has it all AND, believe it or not, we’ll make it fit your budget!

We are offering you a win/win proposition for your production. We are so confident in both our musical offerings and in our artists’ compositional capabilities that we know once you take advantage of this unique opportunity, you will look to Nolatown Music Publishing for all your musical needs now and in the future!

Drop us an email at and let us show you just how much we can assist in your continuing success!



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Armed With a Heart

Marcelle Hathaway is a young, successful, and single business executive that refuses to spend another holiday alone. After unsuccessful attempts at dating she plans a Valentines Day dinner date with a very charming guy that woos her off her feet. Marcelle uses discretion when announcing her evening to come to her girlfriends, which raises suspicion with her overprotective best friend Kay. In this love story Marcelle embarks on a journey to connect with her soul mate. She eventually ends up on an unconventional, romantic date that is destined to test her will to Love again.

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