The Bureau of Music & Film is responsible for promoting New Orleans as an entertainment industry destination by increasing the awareness of Louisiana’s music, film and media technology business opportunities, resources and infrastructure. This is achieved through the building of relationships between local and state government, industry partners, the private sector and prospective global clients, resulting in an increase in the number of new projects locating or expanding in New Orleans and throughout Louisiana.

Set The Stage

New Orleans (N’awlins) has been the foreground of progressive musical movements and the background for many landmark films. Therefore, at the Bureau of Music and Film we’re committed to helping you become the next Louisiana icon.

Through our strategic partnerships, the Bureau has developed a business Co-Op initiative through our Set The Stage program that will provide, promote and support New Orleans’ vibrant media arts and technology industry with a special focus in entertainment business and law.

Set The Stage is designed to provide workshops and programs that give participants a practical, real-world entertainment business awareness. Participants will get training in the core fundamentals of business like marketing, advertising, and finance. They will also get the specific inside knowledge they’ll need to make it in the complex and unique media industry as our instructors and industry partners cover topics like intellectual property, artist and product management, publishing, and distribution.

Film and Media Technology

Nolatown has entered into a strategic collaboration with California-based QOL Media, Inc. to develop media and entertainment content, technology and distribution platforms for Nolatown’s Film and Media properties and the greater New Orleans area.

AndrewQOL’s Chairman and Founder, Andrew Orgel, brings his expertise in the initial start-up of MTV, A&E and Nickelodeon and his executive positions at CBS and US West Interactive Video Enterprises, where he co-created some of the first digital media services. Labeled by “Success Magazine” as the man who “made TV interactive,” he cofounded Interactive Enterprises, which joined with U.S. West (now Qwest) to create television services for digital broadband delivery by telephone companies. Additionally, he has architected the development of media and communications courses in social responsibility and the changing global media and communications landscape, has a deep passion for the future of education in media, and mentors both undergraduate and graduate media and film students in their career pursuits.

QOL is building an emerging, global media company in the “integrated quality of life” sector, with entertainment, education and information for those citizens who seek service and experience in the media and film industry.

“Our collaboration will accelerate the development of a first-rate, best-in-class resource in the city of New Orleans and a partner in the educational development of our youth.”Andrew H. Orgel

Digital and screen-based media and culture are at the center of how we experience and communicate in the contemporary world – from film and television broadcasting through to internet TV, mobile devices, online streaming and videos on YouTube, moving images allow us to tell stories, share ideas and create visual content via the most powerful methods of communication.

Through this wonderful collaboration, Nolatown and QOL are committed to driving film, TV and digital arts projects throughout New Orleans. We understand the importance of screen-based media both in terms of the creativity it entails and the economic value it brings to the city. By running a dynamic program of events, projects, talent development initiatives and a first-class production service through our award winning affiliates, we aim to bring investments into New Orleans and throughout the Louisiana region while creating a screen culture economy where creativity can thrive.

Under Development

  • Projects – We will facilitate the development and production of creative projects by instigating relationships with key cultural affiliates within New Orleans and the Louisiana region.
  • Events – We are structuring events that will enable practitioners to gain business critical information on the latest commercial and creative trends, and to connect with industry leading experts and commissioners. Featuring media leaders from TV, film and digital media, we will also provide professional networking opportunities with regional and national industry representatives and celebrate Nolatown’s works.
  • Talent Development – We are now collaborating with industry partners to provide structured development opportunities and bespoke mentoring for writers, directors, artists and crew responding to the needs of sector across film, TV, digital media and the visual arts.
  • Production Service – Through our affiliates local and regional award winning production services, we can provide information on locations, crew, facilities, contacts and accommodation, all designed to save film companies time, money and anxiety. We are presently creating an online location library that will provide thousands of images of New Orleans and the region and access to many public and private properties, offering visiting productions a head start when filming in the region. To add, Nolatown will be establishing a Familiarization Fund that will enable productions to bring a small team to the region and work with a local location manager to assess whether New Orleans and the surrounding region will work for their production.

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