Nolatown is working with a local EB-5 regional center and is committed to delivering an immigration gateway to foreign investors and economic stimulus to the region and meeting this commitment through well-positioned commercial projects, real estate investments and public/private business partnerships.

The Current EB-5 Job Creating Project

‘Lincoln Beach’
Is a job creating project under Nolatown’s EB-5 Visa Program. This project encompass 25 acres of land bisected by Hayne Boulevard. To the northeast of Hayne and bordering Lake Pontchartrain is a 15-acre parcel that had once been the home of Lincoln Beach. Southwest of Hayne is a 10-acre parcel bordered by other properties on three sides and Hayne Boulevard to the fourth side.

The two parcels bifurcated by Hayne will be developed in fundamentally different manners reflective of the responding to the relationships of the parcels to the adjacent neighborhood, the physical relationship to Lake Pontchartrain, and the provisions of private and public spaces and building components. Hayne Boulevard, along with the adjacent levee and rail line, presents a natural division between a more private realm of lower scale residential related development to the southwest and a complex, urbanized, eclectic mix of public, entertainment, commercial, hotel and high-rise residential uses.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: EB-5 participants do not invest in the job creating project. The job creating project receives a loan from another entity for EB-5 purposes.

  • EB-5 Visa Program Highlights
  • An I-924 Exemplar is being completed for submission to USCIS for Nolatown’s current project
  • EB-5 financing will comprises no more than 36% of project cost
  • Projected Job Creation is 14.35 jobs per EB-5 participant
  • Projected completion of Job Creating Project is 3.5 years from start

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