The Lincoln Beach Development is being designed and developed under the concept of celebrating location and history of Lincoln Beach and surrounding areas.

The proposed development will encompass 25 acres of land bisected by Hayne Boulevard. To the northeast of Hayne and bordering Lake Pontchartrain is a 15-acre parcel that had once been the home of Lincoln Beach. Southwest of Hayne is a 10-acre parcel bordered by other properties on three sides and Hayne Boulevard to the fourth side.

The two parcels bifurcated by Hayne will be developed in fundamentally different manners reflective of the responding to the relationships of the parcels to the adjacent neighborhood, the physical relationship to Lake Pontchartrain, and the provisions of private and public spaces and building components. Hayne Boulevard, along with the adjacent levee and rail line, presents a natural division between a more private realm of lower scale residential related development to the southwest and a complex, urbanized, eclectic mix of public, entertainment, commercial, hotel and high-rise residential uses.

The parcel southwest of Hayne is “landlocked” on three sides by existing single-family residential and open space. On this parcel will be developed 200 three-story condominium units averaging about 1,500 square feet. This parcel will be broken down into four quadrants by bisecting axes of community parkland. The three story condominiums in the two southwestern quadrants will be built over a single level of parking and a community center between these two quadrants will form one the anchor for one of the community park axes. The residential units in the two quadrants fronting Hayne will be built over two levels of parking and a level of neighborhood retail. Thus the development presents its lowest face to the surrounding neighborhood. These building groupings are planned and designed to reflect the “fine grain” of the urban fabric prevalent in the heart of New Orleans.

All of the residential and retail spaces are all developed over parking to keep the living and retail spaces well above potential flood waters. However,

the perimeter of the parking will be covered with landscaping to present a more natural face to the surrounding neighborhood. This undulating landscaped berm is reminiscent of the bermed levees throughout New Orleans.

The southwest parcel will be linked to the Lincoln Beach parcel by a bridge that will include commercial spaces, a connection to the stop for the light rail line, and an introductory museum providing a history of the Lincoln Beach site and neighborhood.

The Lincoln Beach parcel will be developed with a mix of high-density uses and open public spaces. The eastern and southeastern edges of the site will be defined by a 14 and a 12 story residential towers including 200 lofts placed above two-stories of parking. Anchoring the southwestern end of the condominium towers will be an entertainment complex housing a Performance Hall and Institute for the arts. Between the Residential Towers and Entertainment Complex and the Lake is an expanse of open public spaces including a Children’s Music Park and public beach.

After crossing over Hayne and the rail line the Bridge transitions into commercial space and turns westerly to run along Hayne, past a 300 room Hotel looking out to Lake Pontchartrain. The Commercial/Retail then turns to extend up along the westernmost edge of the site and then extends out over the lake. The Commercial/Retail element along Hayne and up the western edge of the site, along with the Hotel and the Hotel Banquet Rooms, are developed over two levels of parking. Between the Hotel and the Lake are an extensive public picnic area and an Amusement Park.

Extending out into the lake from the northwestern corner of the site is a 100 room Boatel along with pleasure boat docks.

The centerpiece of this development is an outdoor Amphitheater and the adjacent Plaza of Cultures. The Amphitheater juts out to the lake celebrating the connection of New Orleans to the water. The Plaza of Cultures near the geographic center of the Lincoln Beach is a gathering point and celebration of the complex and varied cultural fabric of New Orleans.

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