We will take on the big challenge.

For a complex project such as our proposed Lincoln Beach project, the job will be full of moving parts and unknowns, and there will be nobody better than Nolatown to take it on. Our people’s expertise and the deep integration of construction with our other sectors gives us tremendous real estate insight, and enables us to reduce risk, and surmount obstacles of all kinds.

What’s more, with the integration of Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) technologies into our process means the link between a Nolatown’s construction site and designers and engineers in the office is rock solid.

Our team have more than 60 years of combined construction experience, expertise in nearly every product area, and full construction management and design assist services. Our emphasis on safety is extreme. So is our commitment to quality.


We are deveopers and builders that will own the development.

The fact that we’re developers and builders who also will own the development can and will be a huge advantage to the community. It means we will think like owners. We will know where the pitfalls and the opportunities are. We will support the community’s growth with services related to governmental approvals, financing, city/state agreements, portfolio analysis, environmental reviews and coordination, public relations, land acquisition, specialized lease structures and project ownership.

Development can be a complex dance of connections and negotiations, of filings and approvals. A deep knowledge of the regulatory landscape is critical. Nolatown’s know-how in uncovering economic incentives will bring dramatic economic benefits to the projects we take on. We bring all that to table, plus the ability to work well with municipalities, neighborhood groups and communities.

What’s more, our financial backing and stellar reputation in the private investment sector makes it a whole lot easier to get development deals done. Another advantage of our breadth: the best specialists in the business are always readily available under the Nolatown’s collaborative umbrella.

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