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Nolatown has collaborated with the Renu Foundation to form Renu Group – New Orleans to help men and women ready to re-enter society make the transition as worry-free and simple as possible.

Comprised of a team with decades of experience in technology, social services, and criminal justice, we have designed the platform “Ex-Offenders 2nd Chance (E2C)” that bridges gaps between corrections and community supervision, social services and community-based organizations, and makes it easier for them to help returning citizens who are determined to change their lives. Whether citizens are reentering society from prison or jail, working through probation assignments from drug courts, problem-solving courts, juvenile courts, or other Alternatives to Incarceration (ATIs), E2C can enable returning citizens to plan and organize their progress, and access the many supports and services that are available to help them help themselves.

E2C is intended to serve as a resource and starting point for stakeholders involved in offender reentry. It provides an overview of the local jail population and discusses common areas of need, proposing initial goals, objectives and strategies for addressing these needs.

The proposed goals are:

  • Improve the housing status of individuals leaving jail. .
  • Improve rates of self-sufficient employment for individuals leaving jail. .
  • Provide access to effective mental health, chemical dependency, and primary care treatment services for inmates before and after their release from jail.
  • Sustain offenders’ access to government assistance programs. .
  • Improve case management systems. .
  • Increase reentering offenders’ connections to family and community. .
  • Improve offender access to basic resources and services in the community after release. .

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