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Nolatown provides comprehensive project planning, business development and consulting services to companies throughout Louisiana, the United States and the world. Whether through the expansion of existing projects or through future collaborations with groundbreaking companies, Nolatown is able to provide the resources and alliances needed to enrich communities, impact global practices and help companies reach their full business potential.

Construction and Development

Our task is to unlock the economic potential of New Orleans and deliver successful smart city and eco-green technology construction projects.

Music and Film

The Bureau of Music and Film is an innovative project that provides streamlined resource for all of the film and music needs in Louisiana.

Business Collaboration

We encourage new and existing ventures and ongoing collaborations with innovative companies to explore and expand their market potential.

All that is valuable in human society depends upon the
opportunity for development accorded the individual.

~ Albert Einstein


Lincoln Beach Project

A Living and Entertainment Smart City Destination

Once a pillar of the New Orleans landscape, the Lincoln Beach of today has been neglected, decimated and forgotten by time and the weather. The Nolatown Development Group, a subsidiary of Nolatown, Inc, will give the area a second chance at life by renovating and reconstructing the historic Lincoln Beach area of New Orleans East. The area, steeped in history and still held close to the hearts of the people who remember its former glory, will rise from the ashes to provide the people of New Orleans an exciting representation of its former glory and hospitality.

Economic Impact

The taxes collected will expand to nearly $300,000 per year just during construction.

History of Lincoln Beach

Lincoln Beach served African-American communities during the era of segregation.

Project Timeline

Transparency and an authentic accountability
of all of the parties involved.


The latest news on current and upcoming projects.

Developers Expect Lease


Lincoln Beach Developers Expect Lease in January By Jaime Guillet Staff Writer NEW ORLEANS - The $435-million Lincoln Beach redevelopment project in eastern New Orleans is taking longer than expected, but the lead private developer says he anticipates a lease with the city of New Orleans “any moment now.” “The project is moving forward,” said Rickey Spearman, president of primary

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Seek Holland Expertise


Lincoln Beach developers seek Holland expertise By CityBusiness staff report NEW ORLEANS - An architect involved in the redevelopment of historic Lincoln Beach in eastern New Orleans said he has traveled to the Netherlands to talk to a consultant about the project. Norberto Nardi, principal of Monrovia, Calif.-based Nardi & Associates, a development partner in the project, said he met

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Lincoln Beach Redevelopment


Lincoln Beach to be redeveloped under $300M plan By CityBusiness staff report NEW ORLEANS - A team of developers plans to resurrect historic Lincoln Beach in New Orleans East under a $300-million project. Nolatown Development Group of Atlanta said it will sign an agreement with New Orleans city government to oversee the mixed-use development. The project is funded entirely by

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It is not the beauty of a building you should look at;
its the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time.

~ David Allan Coe
  • Until its closing in 1964, Lincoln Beach provided a summer long festival of water sports, carnival rides, music and food.

    Nolatown about 40 days ago
  • Resurrection of Lincoln Beach will restore hope to those who lost so much and serve as a symbol of prosperity to those who kept the faith.

    Nolatown about 40 days ago
  • Lincoln Beach is a state cultural project, an environmental treasure, and an important tourist spot in the community.

    Nolatown about 40 days ago

    Nolatown about 41 days ago

    Nolatown about 41 days ago
  • Nolatown provides comprehensive project planning, business development and consulting services to existing and developing companies...

    Nolatown about 41 days ago

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